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Every project is treated as our own to ensure optimal outcomes.

We invite you to become part of our team, guiding you through each step of our comprehensive process. Beginning with planning and extending through integration, hosting, launch, and maintenance, we adhere to the values of Agile methodology and the Scrum framework, ensuring your requirements are met transparently. You retain full access to your project and its progress, and our clients are welcomed to our sprint review meetings, where we showcase the development progress.

We utilize GitHub as our proposed version control and collaboration platform. Each application module (frontend, backend, mobile, etc.) is treated as a separate project, stored in an individual GitHub repository. The diagram below illustrates our typical Git flow.

The MVP Development process is a rapid development approach primarily employed during the MVP phase when time-to-market is critical.

Different application modules are developed locally and pushed to development. The new version of the development instance undergoes QA testing, and tested features are then merged into production.

The Steady Development process is a robust model focusing on stability and change management. Typically applied in long-term, post-MVP projects, it prioritizes product stability.

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