We are Syndott

Syndott is an expert team specializing in innovating through product development and Agile/Design Thinking methodologies. We empower businesses with transformative products, leveraging diverse industry expertise to refine innovation management. Our goal is to support proactive individuals and startups in building and sustaining their initiatives.

Team of experts

The quality of service is derived from the collective experience and dedication of the individuals employed within the company, along with its distinctive culture of continuous learning. This commitment to ongoing learning and mutual support is deeply ingrained in the fabric of our organization.

What we use

Tailoring our tech stack to project requirements, we choose the most suitable technologies, embracing flexibility and viewing it as an exceptional opportunity to grow alongside our clients.

How we do it

We conceive grand ideas and code them with knowledge and passion, emphasizing transparency and clear communication in our web and mobile development projects, data science endeavors, and UI & UX design work.

Our clients

Syndott boasts a diverse clientele consisting of both local and international startup and corporate partners. These clients hail from various industries, including Banking, Retail, Sports, Procurement, Construction, Oil, Gaming, HR, Health, and more. They all share a common vision – the creation of higher value for their users.


In the pursuit of creating delightful apps, we focus on optimizing time, people, and resources for your business. Our essential product development team delves into various business areas, understanding industry challenges to create meaningful solutions.

Design Previews

At Syndott, we design impactful digital products, employing prototyping and user testing to iterate and refine the product's main functionalities and architecture.

Belgrade, Serbia

Our products are crafted with love in the inspiring city of Belgrade.

Belgrade boasts a rich pool of talented and accomplished professionals, including designers, mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. Many of them contribute to the success of major software companies such as Microsoft, Asus, Intel, Huawei, NCR, Dell, and other renowned firms that have recognized the city's value and tremendous potential.

IT in Belgrade

In the dynamic landscape of Information Technology, Belgrade stands out prominently as a thriving hub of innovation and digital prowess. As of the year 2023, this vibrant city proudly hosts a remarkable 6,000 IT companies, marking a substantial milestone and reinforcing its position as one of the most rapidly expanding IT centers in Southeast Europe.

Life in Belgrade

With a population exceeding approximately, 1.4 million, Belgrade is a welcoming and vibrant city that attracts around a million tourists annually. Visitors return to Belgrade for its thriving art scene, rich culture, delectable cuisine, lively nightlife, and the friendly locals they encounter.

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