UI/UX Design

The driving force behind our design is the user experience.

Our designers are integral members of the development team, deeply engaged in the project to ensure your product resonates with users. They meticulously address both user experience and user interface.

Once the requirements document is defined, we meticulously craft User Stories. Each user story delineates a single action or feature, specifying the user type and the purpose behind the action.

With the comprehensive list of User Stories, our UI & UX designers create high-fidelity wireframes, prioritizing user needs and flow. After validating and testing the wireframes, we progress to a clickable prototype, representing approximately 95% of the final design. This provides a thorough understanding of the product's design, flow, and business logic.

This outlines our design process:

  • Sketches: Generating ideas on paper; collaborating with each team (potential users) to understand and identify product and user requirements.
  • Wireframes: Crafting black and white screens illustrating the interface with main functionalities, excluding real content or design elements; gathering high-level feedback.
  • Prototypes: Developing an interactive and higher-fidelity version of wireframes with visual design; testing user flow with teams.
  • Final product: Creating the fully designed and functional product; testing with the team to make additional adjustments and improvements before software development.
UX design process

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